How To Pass The Driving Test; Or, Look out for that octopus!

The Yellow Brick Road To Driving Success

It’s two years since I passed the Driving Test, which would be cool if I were 20 years old. As I’m considerably older than that it’s deeply unimpressive – but I’ve got an excuse. It was all those lessons, see. Without the wise council of this book (the dust jacket, to be more accurate) I spent far too much time hugging the curb in suburbia instead of  kicking back and letting things take care of themselves. H. R. Crosby’s magnificent art deco illustration makes the point perfectly. Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre? Exactly. That’s where you’re going wrong. If you’re looking for a short cut to a pass, here’s what to do. Step one: Take some powerful hallucinogenic drugs. Step Two: Wait until everything starts moving of its own accord. Ideally the pavement should turn into a snake, the street signs should shuffle like a pack of magic cards and buses should float up into the sky. Then, Three! We’re off! Take your hands off the wheel, press some pedal or other and cruise along the yellow brick road to Test Success. Just look out for that octopus! There, look, behind those walnut things…

Lovat Dickson, 1935. Reprint. This book is a 'How To', so called because it explains how to do something. I love 'em.