ANLAOB Episode 2 : Buying Books as Gifts.

Perfect Book For A Gift

In Episode 2 we’re looking at buying books as gifts, and the best guideline here is ‘condition over edition’. I’ll be returning to the wisdom* of obsessing about ‘first editions’ in the new year but if you’re just starting collecting please don’t worry about it. Certainly, where books for gifts is concerned it really doesn’t matter. If it’s a nice sharp copy, the price is right and it seems to fit the bill then buy it. (Here at ANLAOB that’s a pretty good maxim in general by the way.) Tatty books are easy to fall out of love with and can look cheap even if they’re not. Another tip: if the person you’re buying for knows about old books, DON’T buy them one. You won’t get it right. But if they don’t know about old books, go right ahead – they’ll love it. Finally, remember the golden rule: old books are stylish, unique and cool – and so are you. Bestow one on a friend and some of the glamour might rub off…

*or, indeed, not.

Reprint. None of these books are first editions. Do they look any less gorgeous?