Books As They Were Made by Mavis Eggle

These superb guides to ‘books as they were meant to be’ will be avaliable at the York Fair. They are written by Mavis Eggle and her knowledge and enthusiasm make them genuinely engaging as well as informative: ideal for beginners and fellow enthusiasts alike. Each volume is profusely illustrated – indeed, they consist mainly of illustrations. There are 6 volumes so far; each is a decade by decade look at the social history of books, newspapers, street literature, libraries and more. Along the way she examines the impact of technological, political and social developments on printing, publishing and the public. For example, trains led to commuting, which led to a demand for engaging literature to read on the train, which led to railway bookstalls – all operated by the canny W H Smith, who monopolise the railway stations to this day. Fascinating details like that make these quite simply the best guides on the market and it is hard to see how they could be surpassed for clarity, scope and usefulness.
They are avaliable at York from Scott Brinded, stand 179, on the second floor. Just a short distance, in fact, from stand 199 where you will find many examples of Victorian books and newspapers…

They are £20 each.